CAD and Network Optimization Services

General Download Section

Below you will find useful tools for documenting your CAD management duties. I will add to these as time goes by so check back periodically.

– CAD Manager task and priority calculating spreadsheet referenced in CAD Manager’s Newsletter #352: Task Management Spreadsheet 

– Perpetual vs Rental Software Calculator worksheet reference  in CAD Manager’s Newsletter #350/351: Perpetual vs Rental Calculator 

– Sample ROI worksheet referenced in CAD Manager’s Newsletter #235: ROI Worksheet 

– RKILL Utility referenced in CAD Manager’s Newsletter #233: RKILL.Zip 

– SWEEP 1.62 referenced in CAD Manager’s Newsletter #200. A great utility for processing commands through entire drives and complex directory structures: SWEEP Utility 

– Sample weekly report worksheet referenced in CAD Manager’s Newsletter #289: Report Worksheet 

Resources For Users, CAD Managers, IT Managers and Senior Leadership

This site strives to provide a variety of information for all manner of personnel who deal with CAD. Whether it’s planning, customization, standards, training, network optimization or obtaining a better return on your CAD investment we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

The CAD world changes rapidly so the site changes often. Be sure to check in frequently and always feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions that could help make a better resource for you.

Robert Green
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