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Network Optimization

While your CAD software determines how you work your network dictates how fast you can work. With more wide area networks (WAN’s), cloud file servers, and remote/partner offices demanding access to your CAD files you may experience excruciatingly slow performance while opening/saving/updating your CAD files.

We’re thrilled to partner with Peer to offer PeerGFS file collaboration solutions as a member of the Peer Software Global Partner Network.

PeerGFS for CAD Collaboration

PeerGFS provides branch offices and remote workers a fast and efficient way to collaborate with shared project files. Unlike other file collaboration solutions that centralize files into a single data repository that cause slow file access across a WAN, PeerGFS replicates shared project files to each office site in a distributed environment so that end users are guaranteed high-speed LAN access to shared files no matter of their file size.

Smart Sync and Lock:

With PeerGFS’ smart file locking and synchronizing methods your files are kept up to date on your local server to speed files access. Correct versions are automatically provided to everyone in the team rapidly via low bandwidth delta level file sync. No more emailing files, or hoping that network folders have the current version.

Maximized End User Productivity:

By keeping CAD data local and always up to date, PeerLink maximizes end user productivity while eliminating version conflict issues.

Easy Roll-out:

Whether your challenge is managing physical servers, virtual filing systems or servers outside your company’s domain PeerGFS can be easily installed on most major storage platforms. There’s no expensive hardware to buy, no new filing systems to configure, no workstation changes to worry about, your data is NEVER encoded so IT issues are a snap

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